1.2.11 Listing Program Code (list, disassemble)

disassemble [object-or-class] [starting-line-number [ending-line-number]]

With no argument, disassemble the current frame. With one integer argument, the disassembly is narrowed to not show lines before that line number. With a second integer argument, disassembly ends as soon a the the line number exceeds the ending line number.

With a class, method, function, code or string argument disassemble that.

l(ist) [- | first[, last]]

List source code. Without arguments, list n lines centered around the current line or continue the previous listing, where n is the value set by "set listsize" or shown by "show listsize". The default value is 10.

"list -" lists n lines before a previous listing. With one argument other than `-', list n lines centered around the specified position. With two arguments, list the given range; if the second argument is less than the first, it is a count. first and last can be either a function name, a line number, or filename:line-number.

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