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3.5.1 Showing information about the program being debugged (‘info’)

This info command (abbreviated i) is for describing the state of your program. For example, you can list the current $1, $2 parameters with info args, or list the breakpoints you have set with info breakpoints or info watchpoints. You can get a complete list of the info sub-commands with help info.

info targets [verbose]
Use info targets to get a list of all the targets explicitly mentioned in the makefiles that are read. The location of each target is given before the target name.

The result of running this on the sample makefile used in Tracing Not:

          remake<0> info targets




info program
Use info program to give information about the state of the stopping point.
          remake<0> info program
          Starting directory `/tmp'
          Program invocation:
          	/usr/bin/remake -f /tmp/
          Recursion level: 0
          Line 5 of "/tmp/"
          Program stopped at a breakpoint before rule-prequisite checking.

info break
Use info break to give a list of breakpoint currently in effect.
          remake<0> info break
          Num Type           Disp Enb target     What
            1 breakpoint     keep y   in all at /tmp/
            2 breakpoint     keep y   in foo at /tmp/

info line
Shows the line number and file of for the place that you are currently stopped.
          $ remake -X -f
          remake<0> info line
          Line 5 of "/tmp/"

info lines
Shows for each Makefile the line numbers that targets appear.
          $ remake -X -f
          remake<0> info lines

                 2: .PHONY
                 3: all
                 5: foo

info locals
Displays a the values of the automatic variables.
info makefiles
Displays the list of Makefiles read in the order that they were read in. The last Makefile listed is the one you started with (e.g. Makefile).
info warranty
Displays GNU Warranty