Class Debugger::ShowCommand
In: cli/ruby-debug/commands/show.rb
Parent: Command

Implements debugger "show" command.


Subcommands = [ ['annotate', 2, "Show annotation level", "0 == normal; 2 == output annotated suitably for use by programs that control ruby-debug."], ['args', 2, "Show argument list to give program being debugged when it is started", "Follow this command with any number of args, to be passed to the program."], ['autoeval', 4, "Show if unrecognized command are evaluated"], ['autolist', 4, "Show if 'list' commands is run on breakpoints"], ['autoirb', 4, "Show if IRB is invoked on debugger stops"], ['autoreload', 4, "Show if source code is reloaded when changed"], ['basename', 1, "Show if basename used in reporting files"], ['callstyle', 2, "Show paramater style used showing call frames"], ['commands', 2, "Show the history of commands you typed", "You can supply a command number to start with."], ['forcestep', 1, "Show if sure 'next/step' forces move to a new line"], ['fullpath', 2, "Show if full file names are displayed in frames"], ['history', 2, "Generic command for showing command history parameters", "show history filename -- Show the filename in which to record the command history show history save -- Show saving of the history record on exit show history size -- Show the size of the command history"], ['keep-frame-bindings', 1, "Save frame binding on each call"], ['linetrace', 3, "Show line execution tracing"], ['linetrace+', 10, "Show if consecutive lines should be different are shown in tracing"], ['listsize', 3, "Show number of source lines to list by default"], ['port', 3, "Show server port"], ['post-mortem', 3, "Show whether we go into post-mortem debugging on an uncaught exception"], ['trace', 1, "Show if a stack trace is displayed when 'eval' raises exception"], ['version', 1, "Show what version of the debugger this is"], ['width', 1, "Show the number of characters the debugger thinks are in a line"], ].map do |name, min, short_help, long_help|, min, short_help, long_help)