Show (show)

All of the ``show'' commands report some sort of status and all have a corresponding ``set'' command to change the value. See 1.2.3 for the ``set'' counterparts.

show args

Show the argument list that was given the program being debugged or it is restarted

show basename

Show short or long filenames

show deftrace

Show whither we should step/stop at ``def'' (method creation) commands.

show trace-commands

Show the debugger commands before running

show commands

Show the history of commands you typed. You can supply a command number to start with, or a `+' to start after the previous command number shown. A negative number starts from the end.

This command is available only if a readline module is available and supports the history saving.

show debug-pydb

Show whether the debugging the debugger is set. See also 1.2.3

show history

Generic command for showing command history parameters. The command history filename, saving of history on exit and size of history file are shown.

show linetrace

Show the line tracing status.

show linetrace delay

Show the delay after tracing each line.

show listsize

Show the number of source lines pydb will list by default.

show logging

Show summary information of logging variables which can be set via set logging.

show logging file

Show the current logging file.

show logging overwrite

Show whether logging overwrites or appends to the log file.

show prompt

Show the current debugger prompt.

show sigcheck

Show whether the debugger checks for reassignment of signal handlers. See also 1.2.3 and 1.2.13.

show version

show warnoptions

Show the Warning options that are in effect when a program is started or restarted. On the command-line these are the -W options, e.g. -Werror, or -We::Deprecation.

show width

Show number of characters the debugger thinks are in a line.

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